Move Planning

Are you planning on an international move? Smart Move and Relocation got you covered. We can help you prepare a strategic moving plan alongside prepare you with relevant information and training on your destinations, languages and culture. Our international expert will help you in strategically assessing your needs, and also help you some design a moving quote for your international move.

Needs Evaluation

When you partner with Smart Move and Relocation, you are alloted a universal move supervisor to help you en route. Your move supervisor will archive your necessities and give a moving arrangement that is redone to your own particulars and spending plan. They will help you through the whole procedure and can counsel on issues of movement, traditions and culture.

Moving Estimate

Your Moving advisor will play out a point by point in-home study to provide you with a precise, dependable international moving estimates. Contingent upon your necessities, your statement could include estimates for moving, stockpiling and transition administrations.

Destination Preview Trip

It’s prescribed you take no less than one review trip before you focus on a international move. This trip is intended to adapt you to your goal and its offerings.

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