Family Assistance

Smart Move and Relocation can organize a suite of family movement services for those international assignees moving with companions, kids or pets. Our staff can help ease your family’s transition…. click here to learn more

Housing Assistance

Is this your first time travelling abroad and you have no place to stay? Are you ready to travel abroad but concerned about where to stay? Smart Move and Relocation got you covered. click here to learn more

Visa and Immigration

Smart Move and relocation can help you organize your visa and immigration procedures in other to help you guarantee a smooth change to your new country. Our worldwide moving specialists will prompt you on the most proficient answers to your case… click here to learn more

Move Management

As an expert in International transportation and relocation, Smart Move and Relocation transport their client through air, sea and land transportation medium all around the here to learn more

Move Planning

Are you planning on an international move? Smart Move and Relocation got you covered. We can help you prepare a strategic moving plan alongside prepare you with relevant information and training on your destinations, languages and culture. Our international expert will help you in strategically assessing your needs….. click here to learn more

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